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Evolve Dealer Services 

At Evolve Dealer Services, we are taking the automotive F&I experience to the next level with Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC), ancillary products, and alternate automotive solutions. By providing dealers with convenience, customer satisfaction, and simple programs, we are enhancing profitability while providing a better customer experience. We are evolving the process!

Simple Solutions

  • Clarity – Taking the multitude of existing automotive solutions and making them easy to understand, communicate, and deliver to your customer.


  • Customer Experience – Every geographic area has its own unique wants and needs to offer the right product for every client.  It’s about delivering value in a single product or bundled products with tailored benefits for your customer.


  • Profitability – By delivering desirable customer products and services we can provide an advantage to help you maximize your profits from Sales, Finance, and after sales, by offering proven customer retention tools that build loyalty with your dealership. 

Simple Solutions1

Our Services

Evolve Dealer Services product offerings are fully customizable with an assortment of coverages, including – New, Used, Powertrain, Certified, Limited, and Lifetime policies. Combined with a wide range of deductible options, EDS provides a valuable service to customers while offering you, the dealer, opportunities to create significant income, with substantial tax advantages on the written premiums and investment income. The investment options include Retro, CFC, NCFC, and Dealer Obligor structures.

Tire & Wheel Protection

Our Tire & Wheel coverage provides comprehensive tire and wheel repair or replacement with the unique value of True Coverage, which eliminates the exclusions that cause headaches for dealers and customers. Includes coverage for aftermarket wheels, chrome/chrome-clad, cosmetic damage wheel replacement, metal plates, curbs, and more.

Ancillary Bundles

Evolve Dealer Services Bundle options combine up to five ancillary products for the customer at a reasonable price. The protection can include robust Tire & Wheel with Road Hazard and Cosmetic Coverage, PDR, Windshield Protection, Environmental Protection, Key Replacement, and Emergency Roadside Services.  

Paintless Dent Repair

Our unlimited door ding protection provides repairs up to four inches in diameter. PDR does not require sanding, painting, or body fillers. This service protects the customer’s vehicle resale value while creating a valuable opportunity for underwriting profits plus investment income for dealers.

Environmental Products

Environmental Protection Services provides exterior protection against environmental damages, including acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, ultraviolet rays, and more. Interior coverage protects against damage to vehicle seats and carpets from oil and water-based stains, plus discoloration of vinyl and leather areas.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

GAP protection covers the shortage (The GAP) between the actual cash value of a vehicle and the balance owed to the lender on a lease or purchase when a vehicle is considered a total loss (Up to $50k). Our program is available for auto, RV, and motorsports and can include up to a $1,000 deductible reimbursement.

Lease Wear & Tear

Lease Wear & Tear provides best-in-class wear and tear coverage protecting your customers against unanticipated charges and penalties at the end of the lease term. The coverage even includes interior and exterior items.

Prepaid Maintenance

This offering is designed to increase the dealer's service retention. This program encourages loyalty while providing dealers with spoilage at the end of term.

Mechanical VSC Products

Evolve Dealer Services offers the industry's most complete lineup of Vehicle Service Contract products, including 3-option coverage with powertrain, stated, and exclusionary coverage choices. VSC products also include Unlimited Time, Dealer Certified, CPO, Wearable Parts, Medium Duty Truck, High Tech, Lifetime/Long Term, and EV coverage with optional propulsion battery protection and a high-tech product specific to EVs.

Our Mechanical VSC Programs Cover More with Fewer Exclusions

  • Delivers What Today’s Educated Customers Expect

  • Maximizes Covered Items

  • Reduced Exclusions that Commonly Cause Problems

  • Simplified Contract Language

Proprietary EV Offerings

Evolve Dealer Services has the most unique and forward-thinking electric vehicle products to support profitability now and in the future. Ask to learn more about our combinations of the highest quality, expert installations of home EV charging stations with added VSC coverage for electric and ICE vehicles, plus comprehensive roadside assistance to meet the specific challenges EV breakdowns.

Evolve has the relationships to craft a successful process for you to service EV customers during and after the vehicle sales and continue to profit while providing the services buyers will want and need. Talk to us today about structuring a program to support your long-term electric vehicle projections.

EV-Specific Protection Products

Evolve offers several excellent protection products designed for and marketed to EV buyers:


EV Elite VSC — Robust, exclusionary coverage for electric vehicles with optional propulsion battery coverage


EV Elite High Tech — Protection against the costs of replacing high-tech parts and systems


EV Elite Care Plus — Protection against the costs of ancillary losses and replacement of everyday wear parts


EV Elite LeaseCare — Protection against the costs of ancillary losses and replacement of everyday wear parts, plus a robust lease-end benefit

What We Offer
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About Us

The Evolve executive and operational staff have over 100+ years of combined automotive experience from OEMs, captive finance institutions, 3rd party administrators, and retail operations.


Evolve has partnerships with the industry's most prominent automotive solution providers to deliver targeted strategies for success to your dealership and customers. We will begin by evaluating your current product offerings. We will then create customized programs of specialized VSC, ancillary products and services, pre-paid maintenance, lease, and unique EV protection products, to elevate your profitability and ensure your long-term success.


We deliver optimal results in a professional manner that is profitable, compliant, and customer friendly. You know your business. We know how to improve your profits.


Actuarial Analysis


Comprehensive Training


Search Engine Optimization

We have on-staff experts to help analyze and evaluate the current financial state of your F&I business. We will then advise on effective and profitable ways to increase your penetration and product sales.

Evolve has the training resources you need to help maximize the effectiveness of your personnel in the most critical areas of your business, including Sales, Service, Parts, and Finance.

We also have the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts who can help boost your rankings to ensure your business is visible to potential customers searching for your products and services.


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Our Executive Team

Tom Elliott

VP, Evolve Dealer Services

Bloomfield Hills, MI


Scott Hendrix

CEO, Evolve Dealer Services

Austin, TX


Chris Elliott

SVP, Evolve Dealer Services

Brentwood, TN


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